Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning can be a vital necessity to your business. In the event of a breakdown or fault, it can seriously alter the atmosphere of your shop floor, restaurant or work place. Jackman Peckover Ltd offer a comprehensive service, should the worst happen.

At Jackman Peckover Ltd we specialize in both evaporative and refrigerated, ducted air-conditioning systems, split-systems and ducted gas heating. Jackman Peckover Ltd has been operating for more than 20 years in the air-conditioning industry. Our customer service also extends to after the original system has been sold and installed. We commission all of our systems after installation. This essentially means we come out to site and instruct our clients on how to use the system and make sure the air-conditioning is balanced and working to optimal capacity. 

Air Conditioning Jackman Peckover

All air conditioning systems offer value for money with high quality, reliability and effectiveness. We specialize in offering the smoothest and quietest systems on the market along with the most energy and cost-effective products.

Our commitment to energy efficient air conditioning systems is at the fore thought of all our designs and limiting the use of carbon based fuels.

At Jackman Peckover Ltd, we offer top brands, great service, and best value and ensure every system we install is individually designed for maximum comfort. We are selective about our units and emphasize high-energy efficient systems, quiet technology, low maintenance and affordable!