Commercial Gas

Commercial premises have larger and more demanding requirements. The different building sizes and business requirements mean that these needs are much more variable than domestic installations. We can advise on the most effective system for you, what ever your requirements are. We can offer a wide range of commercial and industrial gas installations, servicing, safety inspections and certificates. We supply, fit and service Warm Air Heaters, Radiant Tube Heaters and Commercial Boilers. Jackman Peckover supply and maintain a wide selection of advanced boiler controls to ensure your commercial heating system delivers reliable high efficiency heating year after year. With an extensive knowledge of boilers, gas radiant tube heaters (single burner, multi burner, herringbone and continuous multi burner systems), gas warm air heaters and energy management controls we can help your business to lower fuel consumption, reduce carbon footprints and save money on their fuel bills.

  • Certification

CP4 Gas Safety Inspection, CP12 Landlords Gas safety, CP17 Testing and purging, CP42 Commercial safety inspection

  • Pipework

Jackman Peckover will always ensure the correct sizing of pipework is installed, tested and purged in accordance with all current gas safety standards, British standards and the institute of gas engineers.

  • Ventilation / Extraction

We provide a full range of specialist, experienced commercial kitchen ventilation and extraction services including installation, service and maintenance of these systems.

  • Testing and Purging

Jackman Peckover can conduct commercial testing and purging to ensure the safety of staff and customers in any commercial building. This skilled task should only be carried out experienced and fully qualified gas engineers.

  • Commercial Kitchens

Our services include installing, servicing and repairing commercial catering range cookers, pressure/expansion boilers.

  • Solenoid Valves

This electronically operated device is used to control the flow of liquids or gases in a positive, fully-closed or fully-open mode. Jackman Peckover are experienced in both the fitting and maintenance of solenoid valves.

  • Interlock proving sytems / Panels and shut off buttons

A Gas Interlock System is a unit that continuously monitors the extraction and incoming air of your ventilation system. Should this fail; gas will automatically shut off, safeguarding all operatives against harmful emissions. As a registered Gas Safe Company, Jackman Peckover can help assist with advising and installing a Gas Interlock System which fits your needs and conforms to regulations.